Fir Tree

Just About Fir Tree

Popular Uses

Fir trees are often stereotyped as a Christmas-only accessory. However, the tree offers several other uses including:

Wood: Fir tree wood can be used for frames and other smaller scale wood projects that don’t call for an extremely durable wood.

Pulp: The timber from the tree is made into wood pulp.

Mulch: Old Fir trees that have been tossed out after Christmas are often pulverized and used as mulch.

Stuffing: Chopped up Fir wood is used to stuff pillows and mattresses in some parts of the world.

Fragrance: Oils from Fir trees are extracted and used in commercial products labeled “pine scented”.

If you are looking to add a Fir to your yard, but don’t want to deal with shedding during periods of drought, then select the Balsam Fir which maintains its needles despite lack of water.


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