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Fir Tree Types

The Abies genus grows in mountainous areas with other evergreen conifers. However, not all Fir trees are true Fir trees. For example, while it may bear some resemble to other members of the Abies family, the Douglas Fir is not a true Fir; rather, it hails from the genus Pseudotsuga.
Among the most popular true Fir trees are:

1. Balsam Fir: The Balsam is especially popular in North America where it is considered a top-selling Christmas tree. This type of Fir is also prized by landscapers who use it as an ornamental tree in both large and small spaces. In the wild, the Balsam can reach heights exceeding 50 feet with a spread of 30 feet.
2. Alpine Fir: Also known as the Rocky Mountain Fir, the tree is narrow and shaped like a steeple. Alpines can withstand severe cold and grow up to 90 feet tall. The tree features blue-green needles, which grow on branches that can be pruned to a manageable density.
3. Siberian Fir: This type of Abies is among the largest Firs in the world, growing to heights that top 90 feet tall. The triangular-shaped tree features fragrant greenish-gray needles and can withstand temperatures to minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most Fir trees have shallow root systems which make them highly susceptible to wind damage. If you are planning to add a Fir to your landscape as an ornamental tree, you will have to provide it with protection from the wind, especially if the ground it is planted in experiences excessive moisture.


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